Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen are one of Europe's most renowned Festivals. Usually our collaborative work starts almost a year before the actual event. In 2020 the covid-19 pandemic lead to a complete cancellation of this great festival. We would like to showcase the work we realized with Olaf Kröck's great team.

Typography. Hands on.

Typography. Hands on.

Creating a touching typeface.

At the heart of the creative concept for Ruhrfestspiele lies the idea to transform the festival’s motto into a handmade typeface. In collaboration with Andreas Steinbrecher, a Düsseldorf based artist and designer we push this concept a little further every year. For the 2020 edition we designed a handlettering that literally is a handlettering. With the hand being both a symbol of power and tenderness.

See What Else We Did.

As usual we are required to deliver a vast amount of different media, once the concept is decided upon. As our handmade typefaces produce a lot of different images we can generate lots of different solutions that still serve the same brand image.