Brands do better
by doing good.

BienenKollektiv is more than a new food brand. It is an experiment, created to explore the do’s and dont’s of modern consumerism. At its core lies the idea that a brand does better by doing good. In this case it means to provide a high end quality product to a market that is limited by its own standards – while consumers demand more.

On display:
The brand’s
inner strength.

We created a brand identity based upon the idea of growing collective with a wide range of diverse members. Each member of the association will be provided by a unique label for their jar. The design language is a modern interpretation of flower power. Based on our principle „advertising through design“ it makes use of highly visible, talkative and engaging esthetics.

A perfectly

In the highly competitive food market, small players with high quality standards usually don’t stand a chance. Which makes their product unavailable to a public with a taste for high end honey. BienenKollektiv provides these small beekeepers with new opportunities by forming a sales association meeting the demands of large supermarket chains.

A Brand with
a heart
of a brand core.

A product’s true relevance can not be described by abstract marketing variables. Thus, BienenKollektiv is defined by the the story of each individual beekeeper. Some care for more than a dozen hives while others have their hands full with 2 hives (and a bunch of kids). Their wish to produce a great product becomes the foundation of BienenKollektiv’s brand, design and content strategy.

An organic product
with a digital edge.

BienenKollektiv is a brand conceived for digital outlets. Budget restrictions forced us to develop a design language that would also work in off the shelf solutions for digital media.