CADEX is the premium brand for professional high-performance athletes and their nerdy counterparts. Components and frames enable performances that are hardly comprehensible for the normal mind. Our campaign idea visualizes exactly this break in perception. With a futuristic visuality that suspends physical laws.

Advertising motif with Tony Martin

Bike racing

As a top athlete who consistently overcomes his own limits, Tony Martin is the perfect partner for the new CADEX campaign.

Ad motif with CADEX light spokes and wheels.

High performance advertising
for a high performance brand.

In order to reach customers and dealers alike, the campaign was rolled out through a broad package of measures, which were subsequently targeted in the media. Print and digital campaigns in trade media were flanked by a competition for the Tour de France.

Cover of CADEX brochure:


The special needs of dealers were satisfied with a stylistic brochure that truly encapsulates the obsessive engineering behind every detail of a CADEX bike.

Contents pages of the CADEX brochure:
Contents pages of the CADEX brochure: