from the Past.

The Brochure „Odyssee of the good idea“ was commissioned by Storyboards Inc, an agency for illustrators specializing in (yes) storyboards and animatics. With our intimate knowledge of the epic fights for better ideas we looked for dramatic visual storytelling. The only period that seemed adequate was ancient greek, of course. We scouted very library, developed characters based on graphics scribbled millennia ago and even learned to write in a somewhat nerdy style we found in old translations.

The Brochure was awarded silver by the german Art Directors Club (ADC).

Why a

Physical objects leave an impression that lasts longer than their core idea. Especially when produced with people who know the craft. Our brochure found its way on the desks of Germany’s best creatives. It was made to last. And it still looks pretty fresh, being born in 2006. We like you, brochure!