Most purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, including digital sales environments. Thus, packaging design becomes a central factor in brand communication. Our approach for EUBOS was to engage the consumer in conversation. The typographic architecture of each product guides awareness from brand logo to the key features of the product.

Portfolio logic.
The foundation
for good design.

The brand portfolio is divided into three sections: Basic, Medical and Cosmetic. This makes it easier to integrate new products. Basic design parameters can be applied across the line using only a few distinctive aspects.


Packaging design is only as powerful as its usability. We applied the basic design language over three distinctive lines, 30 products and over 250 different packages.

Beauty to
make your
eyes stumble.

To address specific target groups, the design of some series has been individualized. The intimate care product "Intimate Woman" has a particularly feminine, high-quality look thanks to its colorfulness and elegant key visual.