Gain impact by
converging product
and advertising.

The new Ultra Repair & Protection Hand Cream by EUBOS harnesses the power of "Advertising Through Design“. By bridging the gap between product design und communication channels, the product is placed with optimal efficiency. Our integrated design process provides for improved orientation and maximum brand impact.

"ULTRA REPAIR & PROTECTION inspires us - and the pharmacists. The design is extremely well received. We sold out early on and have stepped up production."
— Britta Wilcke-Janssen, 
Managing Director, CEO Dr. Hobein

the customer.
Hands on.

The product’s new design is centered around the image of a hand protected by a magic force field. This visual is used in all communication materials surrounding the product launch. The new key visual precisely addresses the intended target group: those who work intensively with their hands and need appropriate care.

With a little
help from the past.

The key visual is also used in digital media and at the POS to draw attention to the new product. By offering the new Ultra in the display alongside the most successful hand cream from the pharmacy, the „green tube" from EUBOS, we create welcome synergy effects.