Reshaping a
brand for a new media

EUBOS is a classic german cosmetics brand known for high quality products. While the products itself were state of the art, the design had lost its appeal. Following our mantra „Advertising through Design“ we reshaped the brand from inside out. Aiming at maximum presence at POS and in media we sharpened brand values, reorganised the portfolio logic, created a sharp corporate design, applied a new visual language to over 200 products and developed a stunning campaign.


Our approach for EUBOS was to engage the consumer in a conversation. The typographic architecture of each product guides awareness from brand logo to the key features of the product.

You’re in

To boost brand awareness within a limited budget we put the smiling „E“ at the center stage of each medium. Thus, the brand is immediately recognizable. We never advertised in Brooklyn, though.

in motion.

With social media being the most important channel for advertising cosmetics we created hundreds of animated ads to move our audience.