Not just bikes,
but emotions.

GIANT is one of the world’s leading cycling brands, offering a diverse range of products and always on the bleeding edge of innovation. To further broaden the brand’s appeal, we set off to infuse GIANT Germany with pure emotion across all channels.

Brand Strategy
Brand Experience
Launch Activation
Film and Motion

Creating an intricate

Our campaign was designed to not only evoke emotion but to also mine precious data on future customers and effectively support retail. Thus, we developed a seamless architecture built around an online test helping customers to find their soul bike and leading them to a geo-targeted store nearby.

Making GIANT
a love Brand.

The claim „Find Your Soulbike“ is a play on the term „Soulmate“ and was created around a simple premise: In a catalogue as broad and diverse as that of GIANT, no matter your personality and preferences, you will find a bike that is pitch-perfectly tailored to your needs.

Developing A
Genuine Attachment.

The campaign’s beating heart is an online tool that allows customers to, well, find their Soulbike. On the surface, it appears as a simple personality test to maximize accessibility and fun. Once the player has been matched with their perfect bike, they are transferred directly to GIANT’s online store.

Spreading the
cycling vibe.

We took to all kinds of media to translate this idea into diverse and compelling imagery, starting with a series of printed ads in specialty magazines. But since our goal was to extend the brand’s reach beyond just die-hard cyclists, we primarily focused on digital implementations across several Social Media platforms, all leading to the Soulbike Finder.