A festival at the
heart of Europe.

Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen is
one of the oldest, largest and most celebrations of theatre in Europe. During the annual festival season from May 1 to mid-June, Recklinghausen is transformed into an international cultural and theatrical metropolis. An important constant of the Ruhrfestspiele is the permanent renewal of the signet. For decades, emphasis has been placed on underlining the international significance of the festival through its visual appearance.

A new

The festival’s signet was always constructed by two opposing letters R, symbolizing a conveyor tower. With the Ruhr region cutting its dependency on coal mining we suggested a new direction for the logo. The result marked a distinctive turning point in the festivals’s history and the whole region.

Art meets
type meets

At the heart of the creative concept for Ruhrfestspiele lies the idea to transform the festival’s motto into a handmade typeface. In collaboration with Andreas Steinbrecher, a Düsseldorf based artist and designer we push this concept a little further every year.

A book
to change
every year.

The program book reflects the diversity and liveliness of the Festival itself. Its typographic design will every year.

to the
digital arts.

Digital media provides visitors with interactive and customizable access to the festival's extensive program on both mobile and stationary devices. Each year a customized digital campaign boosts brand awareness.